Hand crafted in Byron Bay

There’s a place in Australia that the sunshine hits before anywhere else.

Here, amongst dolphins, rainforests, craft markets and alternative philosophies, it’s bare feet over boat shoes, intuition over income and surfing over savings. It’s Byron Bay, and we’re proud to call it home.

About Wallaby

Our product line

Wallaby Bites Dark Choc, Fruit & Nut


Free from gluten and wheat, these perfect little snacks are cold pressed to lock in the flavour.

Nutty Bites

Kettle cooked in small batches then rolled and formed and lastly dipped in velvety dark chocolate.


Cookie Dough Bites

Keto friendly BITES dipped in sugar free chocolate with a velvety cookie dough centre and a nut crunch.

Brekkie Clusters

Yummy Nut Butter Brekkie Clusters loaded with good fats, MCT oil, Protein Keto and no added sugar.


Irregular thins of delectable Dark Chocolate stacked with delicious real ingredients.

Pretzel Twists

Golden and crunchy oven baked pretzels topped with Parmesan, Sweet Chilli & Cinnamon or Sea Salt.

Mini Pretzels

Bite size crunchy pretzels dipped in dark & salted caramel chocolate or simply chocolate dipped.